A Super Smash Bros. Tale: Isabelle And The ‘Broken’ Fishing Pole

by Christine Marie Attardo

I play a lot of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate these days. As a creature of habit, I spent years and years playing solely as Kirby. Since the new rendition, I have been playing every match as the one and only Isabelle from Animal Crossing. While I have written about her before, today I am here to defend the fishing pole. Yes, that’s right. Many claim that Isabelle’s fishing pole ability is b-r-o-k-e-n. Honestly, I can’t blame them. There have been many times that the move has saved my neck.
I haven’t been quite as lucky as this video would depict:

Now that you’ve seen all that. Tell me…how different is all of that to this…

Hey, I get it. There should be balance with everything. Some characters are better than others. I just can’t stop thinking about how her fishing pole is so lethal in all directions, but you can’t throw a character straight down off the level. Give it a try! An invisible barrier prevents the character from being thrown down. How can you say a move is broken if that’s the case?

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