Dan Slott Counts Down His Top Ten Favorite Short Spider-Man Stories

by Olly MacNamee

Dan Slott has once again joined Twitter and on Monday evening he shared his ten favourite Spidey stories that he’s written. He starts the thread by pointing out that many of his stories were either done-in-one tales or two- to-three parters at best. Yes, we’ll remember him forever more for such modern classic as Spider-Verse (now, more than ever thanks to the recent Sony animated spectacular loosely based on Slott’s Spidey saga), but it’s the smaller stories Slott focuses on in his Twitter thread: “To me, that was the fun of the run: all of the self-contained adventures we had along the way.”
So, which are his favourite of those shorter Spider-man runs? After all, there’s a lot to choose from. Here are his choices, presented in his own words. Are any of them in your top ten, I wonder?

ASM #674-675 Great Heights: Tom Brevoort got sick of me bagging on the Vulture and challenged me to write a story w/ him. I re-envisioned him as a modern day Fagin, taking in a flock of teen runaways, giving them wings, and getting them to do his dirty work & “feather his nest.

SSM #4-#5 Death Sentence: More goodness with Giuseppe Camuncoli! Everyone always asks why super heroes don’t just kill their worst/most murderous villains. The answer is: Because then they wouldn’t be heroes. Otto Octavius has a different take on that equation…

ASM #655 Crossroads: When Betty’s hospitalized, her friend, Peter, should be there for her. But all Spider-Man wants is to make her mugger pay. This issue takes a look at how Aunt May felt about Pete’s absence the night Uncle Ben died. Great art and storytelling by Ryan Stegman.

ASM #657 Torch Song: Jam issue w/ Ty Templeton, Nuno Plati, Stefano Caselli, & Marcos Martin. Spidey and the Fantastic Four commiserate together over (what they believe to be) the death of the Human Torch. Fun flashbacks to new stories and a few tears at the end. Love this one.

ASM #1.5 In the last issue of “Learning To Crawl“, we see HOW and WHY Pete finally started telling jokes and quipping when he’s Spider-Man. And WHO inspired him to be that way. Ramon Perez nailed this. And this will always be one of my favorite Spidey sequences I’ve ever written.

SSM #9 Grey Matters: Think you know where SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN is going? Well guess what? We just KILLED Peter Parker’s GHOST! Outside of Part 1 of Dying Wish, “Day In The Life” (ASM #698), this was our best “pull the carpet out from under you” issue. Great Stegman visuals here!

ASM #32 Personal Demon: An Osborn solo issue. Unable to turn back into the Green Goblin, Norman goes on a Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom-like quest to find power- some way to reclaim his madness. Greg Smallwood’s art & storytelling in this issue kept readers dazzled till the twist.

ASM #678-679 I Killed Tomorrow: Spider-Man & time travel? How do you make THAT work? Like this. I love Sci-Fi time travel stories. I love jamming with Humberto Ramos. There was no way to f*** this one up. (Swear. I could sold the premise to this one for a movie.) Go read this.

ASM #655-656 Matters of Life and Death: For the longest time, this was my favorite story I’d ever worked on. Marcos Martin brought all of his skills to play here. The silent funeral, the dream sequence, Spidey’s fight w/ Massacre, and his confrontation w/ Jameson. All perfect.

ASM #801 There For You: All of these stories came out over the course of 10 years. They’re not bottle necked into any part of the run. They all come from a place of loving the character. And in the end, I had one last thing to say: “Every day Spider-Man saves someone’s uncle.”

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