Marvel Team-Up Returns With Ms. Marvel And Spider-Man This April

by James Ferguson

There are so many awesome characters in the Marvel Universe that would never cross paths under normal circumstances. Fortunately, there will soon be a way for them to interact and go on some wacky adventures as Marvel Comics has announced the return of Marvel Team-Up this April.
Writer Eve Ewing and artist Joey Vazquez will take us through the first arc featuring the fun pairing of Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man.

Writer Eve Ewing told The Chicago Tribune:

I don’t want to reveal too much, but my goal with the story is to have maximum fun with two characters that are both really sweet and really cool people who are fan favorites (and faves of mine), and to put them both in some delightful awkward and uncomfortable situations where they have to stretch to the limits of their abilities.

I’m all for this. I have fond memories of this title from a few years back when Robert Kirkman was writing it. Marvel Team-Up presents the opportunity for almost any combination of characters. This gives creators a chance to create their dream team and could lead to some super fun comics.
Marvel Team-Up #1 will feature a main cover by Stefano Caselli and variants from Paco Medina and Todd Nauck.

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