The Invasion Sparks Tragedy In Mars Attacks #4

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
The Martians continue their global assault, killing anyone they find. Spencer, his dad, and their dog are still looking for the military outpost. They’re scrambling through a burning town, and they have to leave the wheelbarrow behind. This slows the two men down, but they find a place to hide in an an industrial refrigerator. Unfortunately, it’s already occupied, and the man inside is armed and crazed.

Mars Attacks #4 cover by Kyle Smart
Mars Attacks #4 cover by Kyle Smart

Mars Attacks #4 continues the journey of Spencer and the Major through this apocalyptic alien attack. Spencer and his dad have finally mended the fence (see last issue), but that doesn’t change the fact that the Martians are killing everything in sight.
This comes to another head when Spencer and the Major have to make some tough decisions in the fridge. The aliens begin to close in on their position, and the crazed man is more hindrance than help.
This leads to a surprisingly emotional ending that, of course, I won’t spoil here. It does make it possibly best issue of the series so far.
There’s a bit more action in this issue than we’ve seen so far. Most of the time, the shooting and death happen in the background while Spencer and the Major run away. This time, it’s the focal point of many of the panels.
Mars Attacks #4 art by Chris Schweizer and Liz Trice Schweizer
Mars Attacks #4 art by Chris Schweizer and Liz Trice Schweizer

The artwork of Chris Schweizer is once again the right balance of cartoonish and dark that the comic needs. The style is almost comforting in some scenes, and outright disquieting in others. It’s great, and it jives with the overall tone of Mars Attacks as a franchise. The color work (with assists from Liz Trice Schweizer) serves the comic well too, striking that same strange balance of cartoonish and grim.
Mars Attacks #4 is another great installment to this hybrid sci-fi/horror/comedy comic series. It continues to have a surprising amount of heart to balance all the murder and sci-fi strangeness. It’s solid read and easily worth a recommendation. Feel free to check this one out.
Mars Attacks #4 comes to us from writer Kyle Starks, artist Chris Schweizer with color assists from Liz Trice Schweizer, cover artist Kyle Smart, and variant cover artists Ruairi Coleman with Timothy C. Brown, Eoin Marron with Dee Cunniffe, Robert Hack, and Chris Schweizer.

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