Blood Will Have Blood In Fearscape #4 From O’Sullivan And Mutti

by Olly MacNamee

Vault Comics’ Fearscape has been a hit all round, both with critics and fans, and ahead of the next issue arriving on February 16th, we have a preview of issue #4 for you. This series arrives from the fertile mind of writer Ryan O’Sullivan and artist Andrea Mutti, with colours provided by Vladimir Popov, and lettering by Andworld Design.
But, wait, is that… it is… it’s our unreliable narrator once again, gatecrashing proceedings. Looks like our Henry hates not being the centre of attention…

After the tragic events of the third issue, the villainous Henry Henry finds himself… No! The advertising copy provided here by the publisher will not do! The events of our third chapter (please refrain from calling them issues) are hardly tragic. Our brave hero bested two villains, yet his reward is to be libeled against in marketing copy? -HH

Fearscape #4 is out February 16th from Vault Comics.

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