Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.4 Recap: Gina Says Goodbye To The Crew

by Gary Catig

Gina calls a meeting with the entire gang. She makes a grand entrance with confetti, music and an interpretive dance. The spectacle is all so she can hand in her two-week notice. With the events of her high school reunion still on her mind, she decides it’s time to leave the Nine-Nine and take that next step in her life. Though she will be leaving, she still has time give each member a signature Gina moment that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Let’s get ready for a touching farewell to the precinct’s civilian administrator.

[*Spoilers for 6.3 Ahead!]

For the past four years, Gina and Holt have had a weekly game of chess. For the former, it was a chance to learn the game and for the latter, an opportunity to improve his trash talking. The captain uses the final showdown to express his concern about his assistant’s decision. Leaving the Nine-Nine is a big risk and there could be financial complications. Gina counters that no matter how much a life is meticulously planned, something could still go wrong. After all, Holt dreamt of being commissioner since he was ten and that didn’t come to fruition. It was as much a verbal match as it was on the gameboard. Despite never beating Holt at chess, Gina does have the Captain’s full faith in her abilities and his confidence that she’ll be successful at whatever she does next.

Next, we see a contrast in responses towards a parting of a close friend. There is the overly emotional Amy and the impassive Rosa. The two join their departing coworker for lunch and Santiago gives her a large binder where all her tweets have been converted into a book. In order to help Amy develop a laid-back attitude like Rosa, Gina tells her to burn the binder. Amy realizes that’s not her personality and she likes being sentimental and displaying her feelings. That is Gina’s plan all along. She doesn’t care how Amy is as long as she’s true to herself. Rosa is so touched by the sweet gesture, that she shows a rare moment of emotion and cries.

As Gina’s last day approaches, Jake is responsible for her going away party. He wants a splashy send off and looks into booking Ellis Island or the Met as a venue. In the end, he goes with the familiar and has the event at Shaw’s Bar, but he does convince Saved By the Bell’s own, Mario Lopez, to make an appearance. When the star shows up, Gina rudely prevents him from entering. She tells Jake she is happy with the low-key party and wanted to spend her last day with only her friends. Plus, she has the added ego builder of saying she rejected a celebrity from her own party.

The next day, the crew are surprised to see Gina back at work. As the week progresses, there she is again and again at the Nine-Nine. They start to believe she’s having cold feet until one morning they see a gold statue of their friend and a prepared video. Through the recording, Gina expresses her gratitude to all her friends. She also admits the only reason why she kept on coming into work was due to a delay in delivering the statue and she needed to stall for time rather than having second thoughts about her decision. As the episode ends, the cast give one last round of applause for the great, Gina Linetti.

This was a very touching farewell to Gina and very appropriate. All her interactions had a little touch of meanness, some silliness and a ton of heart. Even though she acts of indifference and constantly insults her coworkers, deep down she cares for them all and shows affection in her own way. It’s always sad to watch a cast member of a favorite show leave, but theoretically, Chelsea Peretti isn’t gone forever and can make guest appearances later on.

My favorite lines:

Holt: The hospital called. Your test results came in positive. You’re a stage 5 dumbass.

Amy: Before we go, I’m going to go to the bathroom for a bit. Not to cry about you leaving but to take a huge dump. If you hear any crying from the bathroom, it’s not about you. It’s the dump. Ok?

Hitchcock: Oh, that invitation said “Geeno-rama”. I thought it said “Gyna-rama”. I thought it was weird they moved Gyna-rama from Tampa. It’s really a warm weather event.

Gina: Charles. Weirdly, you’re kinda the person I’m closest to here. Don’t say why.

Charles: Because I was your brother and your lover?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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