The World Of Days Gone: Fighting To Survive Video Reveals Enemies & Weapons

by Sage Ashford

Sony Bend Studios is back with another entry in their “World of Days Gone” series, this time centered around both the enemies and the weapons you’ll encounter while exploring their world. So far, we’ve only seen a small number of the zombies overrunning the world of Days Gone, but this trailer details multiple different kinds of the game’s “Freakers”. They begin with Swarmers, the most common kind of Freakers–they travel in groups of various sizes, rarely ever caught alone.  The larger the group, the more they seem to operate as a single organism. Then there are the Newts, Freakers which are more like children, who take advantage of players with low health or attack if you invade their territory. There’s also Screamers, who seem to operate alone but their loud wails can summon large swarms, complicating your encounters. Lastly there’s the Breaker–giant freakers which look more like boss monsters than anything.
To fight these swarms, as well as the various human factions who present themselves as a threat, you can pick weapons up off of enemies or buy them inside of Survivor camps. There’s also what seems to be a Bullet Time mode known as Combat Focus, where time slows down and you can pick off enemies easier. Lastly they detail a variety of melee weapons which can be upgraded and will require repairing if they’re going to survive when you use them while ammo is low.
“Fighting to Survive” is the last of these World of Days Gone videos, but they’ve done a great job of expressing what it will be like to struggle in a living, breathing world hanging on by its fingertips.
Days Gone is available on PlayStation 4 this April 26th.

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