Neil Gaiman Master Class Review

by Tito W. James

Master Class is a series of online classes taught by the top people in their fields of expertise. Neil Gaiman is a notable author of comics and fantasy prose. The lessons are divided up into 19 videos of varying length covering the various aspects of storytelling. This could be an amazing opportunity for young writers. So, is Neil Gaiman’s Master Class a dream come true?

The Bad

Some of the excerpts read aloud from Gaiman’s written work run on too long. This won’t be an issue if you’re already a die-hard fan of Gaiman’s prose. However, I found some of his lesser-known stories to be hit or miss.

The Good

Gaiman’s instructive tone is clear and engaging, which is essential, seeing as there are only videos and worksheets to hold a student’s attention. The lessons are easily applicable to various types of storytelling. Gaiman focuses on prose but also delivers a lengthy episode on comics.

Most college writing classes frown upon science fiction, fantasy and the types of stories that usually inspire young people to write in the first place. Gaiman, on the other hand, sees the value in fantasy stories that go beyond superficial tropes. Gaiman reminds students that any genre can be personal and transformative.

The Verdict

What makes more sense? Paying $2000 for a one semester writing class at a college or paying $90 for a Master Class with Neil Gaiman?

Universities had better watch their back because there are faster and cheaper ways for young writers to get the tools they need. No class will magically transform the student into a better artist. Good writers are formed by writing. However, by utilizing resources like Master Class or listening to podcasts from respectable authors, young writers can learn what makes a story tick and apply that to their own work.

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