Thought Bubble Moves Month and Location

by Olly MacNamee

Big news on one of Britain’s favourite and best comic conventions, Thought Bubble, as it moves back to November after two years of being held in the sunnier, warmer month of September as well s a geographical move too. They’re moving from out of the city of Leeds and to Harrogate and the Harrogate Convention Centre, which “is bigger, brighter and tailor made to accommodate a convention like Thought Bubble” according to their official statement.

Admittedly having the con all under one roof, as opposed to situated in large, cold tents, is a bonus, but already in the Twitterverse people are sharing their concerns over the location of Harrogate (harder to get to than the larger metropolitan Leeds) that has even had me considering – upon hearing the news – whether it’s worth me going this year as a result of this relocation. And, the expected higher costs of hotels I am assuming. I’ve been to Harrogate and it’s rather posh. I imagine that’ll be reflected in the hotel prices. Add that to the cost of a weekend pass and travel and it all adds up to the equivalent of a moderate city break I could be taking somewhere in Europe. If us Brits are still welcome there after Brexit. Although it’s peeling to read that the organisers are working with local hotels to lower prices for ticket holders. After all, imagine the boom in the local economy with all those coming book fans descending on the town and its pubs and clubs.

Either way, the new dates are now November 9th and 10th for the weekend comic con. And, we’ll do our best to keep you all up to date over the coming weeks and months, as we always do. You can get your tickets here.

To be fair to Thought Bubble, they do strongly imply a breakdown in relationships with Leeds City Council and having worked with city councils in the past, I would suggest it’s more the council having issue with Thought Bubble than the other way around. Shame, as they’ll miss it once it’s gone and after 12 years too!

Other factors that did take its toll on last year’s festival were the high winds that I remember preventing many fans from coming due to cancelled public transport links. It certainly felt less crowded last year and, of course, costs must be considered. I know from one of the organisers that it cost a huge deal more to move the festival from the Royal Armouries and into the city centre. A lot more. So, I for one can totally understand and sympathise with their decision even if it puts fans out somewhat.

You can read the full statement here and check out the guest list as it grows here. Which already includes Charlie Adlard, Kieron Gillen and Mick McMahon.

See you there. Or maybe not.

Ah, who am I kidding. See you there!

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