The Weekly 2000AD – Prog 2120 Previewed: Jaegir Waves The White Flag

by Richard Bruton

Another week, another five slices of very special sci-fi pie coming your way with 2000AD Prog 2120. More Judge Dredd: Machine Law, with John Wagner and Colin MacNeil giving us radical upheaval in Mega-City with the new Chief Judge’s reign getting off to a rocky start already. Plus, there’s the start of a new Tharg’s 3Riller, Tooth And Nail, and the continuing thrills of Skip Tracer, Grey Area, and Jaegir.

2000AD Prog 2120, with a cover by Adam Brown, is out in the UK and digitally on 27 February and out in the North Americas at some far-flung point in the future.

JUDGE DREDD: MACHINE LAW – PART 6 – John Wagner, Colin MacNeil, letters Annie Parkhouse.

Now that Logan, the new Chief Judge, has installed Mech-Judge Harvey to the council of five, things are blowing up in MC-1. Protests are taking place all around, both on the street and in the Justice Department, with one of council already resigned because of the problems and more trouble right round the corner. Because some familiar names are preparing for the worst, getting ready to move against the new Chief Judge.

This is proving to be soemthing very good, Dredd that’s all about everything but Dredd, more about the policy and law than the lawmaker. It’s tense and tight and something very special, as we watch Wagner and MacNeill expertly move their chess pieces around the board.

SKIP TRACER – LOUDER THAN BOMBS – PART 10 – James Peaty, Paul Marshal, colours Quinton Winter, letters Ellie De Ville

With the body count rising, Blake just one step ahead of the death squads, and still with no real idea of just how dep he’s in this time. But, that’s the nature of the strip, leaving it until the last minute to find that all the pieces are falling into place and the clues all worked after all.

As the strip reaches its concluding section, it’s all coming together so well, this third instalment of Skip Tracer definitely the best of the three so far, Peaty on good form with his writing, and Paul Marshal’s artwork a perfect fit for this grand detective fiction in space.

GREY AREA – HUNTED – Dan Abnett, Mark Harrison, letters Ellie De Ville

On the run from the new Black Ops group, Kymn and Resting Bitch Face are finding sanctuary where they can. And that means it’s down into the more unsavoury areas of the Grey Area, down to Lord Bingo’s domain. But this new Grey Area Balck Ops division has tentacles everywhere and even if Kymn and RBF get word to Builliet and his team, there’s no guarantee any of them will get out alive.

The action ramps up and up in Grey Area, as does the threat. No longer a simple case of looking at the politics behind the aliens coming into the Grey Area, Abnett is now transforming it all into a tense thriller, all about the spy on the run, being hunted by the authorities. It’s more brilliance from Abnett and Harrison, even down to the Stan Lee cameo appearance with a difference.

THARG’S 3RILLERS – TOOTH & NAIL – PART 1 – Andi Ewington, Staz Johnson, colours Abigail Bulmer, letters Simon Bowland

Part one of a new 3riller, where one unfortunate finds themselves in the chair undergoing a particularly brutal interrogation. It’s all about a hit carried out on a certain criminal organisation, with those involved looking to find the answers to who carried out said hit. As with all these 3rillers, little to it bar build-up right now, but with Ewington writing, there’s hope this will be a solid three parter alongside Johnson’s attractive artwork.

JAEGIR – BONEGRINDER – PART 4 – Gordon Rennie, Simon Coleby, colours Len O’Grady, letters Annie Parkhouse

The last thing we expected from Jaegir, even faced, as she was, with obviously insurmountable odds, was mention of negotiating a surrender. But that’s just what is happening right now. Unexpected turn of events, indeed, but that’s just the sort of thing Rennie is so good at, and why Jaegir continues to impress.

And, of course, every page is just full of Coleby and O’Grady’s amazing artwork. There’s a beauty to it, whether it’s in the dark imagery of Jaegir and her troops or the moments spectacular, technicolour action.

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