Jes Macallan Re-ups For Another Season With DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

by Erik Amaya


Director Ava Sharpe will be a permanent fixture on Legends of Tomorrow.
Deadline reports Jes Macallan has closed a deal to remain a series regular on the show’s fifth season. Macallan and Sharpe first appeared in the program’s third season as a buttoned-down agent in Rip Hunter’s Time Bureau. But when he went rogue, she became the key contact between the agency and the Legends. She also began a relationship with Waverider captain Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) which continues to this day.
The program is currently on its scheduled long hiatus, but was renewed for another year along with the rest of The CW superhero shows early in February. Despite a rough first season, the show garnered a cult following thanks to its adoption of a campier tone and key changes to the cast. We are, of course, part of that following and anticipate more fun with Ava and the rest of the Legends in the years to come.
Legends of Tomorrow returns April 1st.

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