Fantastic Four #7 Is Another Fun, Fast, Furious Issue From Slott, Kuder & Lucas

by Olly MacNamee

A comic book that offers you the promise of a showdown between Doctor Doom and Galactus doesn’t come around every day, but that’s what’s being offered up in Fantastic Four #7 from Dan Scott, Aaron Kuder, John Lucas (art), Marte Garcia, Rachelle Rosenberg (colours) and Joe Caramagna (letterer). It’s a comic book that has already packed a great deal into just a handful of issues, and captures the Silver Age spirit of the original Kirby and Lee book with it’s fast paced, all consuming action and equally fast paced stories that only add further to the ever expanding saga of marvel’s first family. Slott is not letting the grass grow under his feet and showing that good stories don’t have to be drawn out over vast numbers of issues.
Doom, ever the arrogant, delusional dictator, takes charge with a cunning plan that would see Galactus rebooted back to the good Golden Galactus the “Lifebringer” thereby saving the Earth and the universe from further dangers whenever Galactus gets the munchies. Which, as well know, is all too often. Maybe he should just lay off whatever he’s smoking and then everyone would be much safer.
Still seen as a hero by his subjects, Victor is on safe ground here in his home country and its Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben who are the interlopers here. All they can do is follow Doom’s plan, even though we all know it’s never a good thing to do when Victor proposes anything. What transpires from Doom’s machinations will only have massive repercussions down the line, I have no doubt.

It may well be a darkly lit issue, but Garcia and Rosenberg’s colouring never dulls Kuder and Lucas’s art. Indeed, whenever Galactus or the Human Torch make an appearance, they positively glow, as do the various weapons Victor uses against the Devourer of Worlds. It all makes for a great battle royale between two of Marvel’s most memorable and iconic villains. Although, I’m not sure I would call Galactus a villain as such. Doom, yes, even if he doesn’t believe it himself. Another fun, fast and furious issue of “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”.
Fantastic Four #7 is out now from Marvel.

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