Valiant Unveils Rockin’ Punk Mambo #1 Variants

by Tony Thornley

Everything we’ve heard so far about Valiant’s Punk Mambo has painted the miniseries from Cullen Bunn and Adam Gorham as one of the most metal stories in the publisher’s history. And with the latest tie-in, that’s even more literal.

Punk Mambo #1 A Sound of Thunder Color Variant by Trav Hart

Valiant has already partnered with metal band A Sound of Thunder to create an original single available with the complete Punk Mambo series Pre-order Bundle. However, the band is offering an exclusive variant cover by Trav Hartfor Punk Mambo #1 through the Kickstarter campaign for their all new concert film Live From The Deadside.

The cover is an homage to the classic Iron Maiden cover art from their single “Sanctuary” by Derek Riggs. The color version is limited to 300 copies and is available with a $35 pledge, and the black & white is limited to 100 copies with a $60 pledge.

Punk Mambo #1 is available April 24th from Bunn and Gorham, with covers by Dan BreretonZu OrzuCris Delara, and Gorham. The miniseries chronicles an investigation of Mambo’s that goes sideways. She quickly finds herself drawn from New Orleans to a dark mystery on the haunted shores of Haiti.

Punk Mambo #1 A Sound of Thunder Black & White Variant by Trav Hart

About A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder is an American heavy metal band established in 2009. The Billboard-charting group was an early pioneer of crowd-funding and has out-funded major label competitors with the support of their loyal fan-base known as the “Legion of Thunder”. For their fifth album in 2015, the band partnered with Valiant Entertainment to issue Tales from the Deadside, a concept album based on Valiant’s Shadowman comic series. In 2017 the band scored a Top 40 hit in Europe and won an Independent Music Award for their rendition of the Catalonian national anthem “Els Segadors.”

A Sound of Thunder

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