Spell Warriors: A Fantasy World-Building Graphic Novel And More

by Hannah Means Shannon

Kickstarter seems to be the most straightforward venue for indie comics projects these days, as everyone must know by now, since the funds generated can support a project’s artists, particularly in creating a single issue comic or graphic novel.
Graphic novel Spell Warriors is testing the waters currently, written by comics veteran John Reppion (Dynamite’s Sherlock Holmes and Damsels, Dark Horse’s Conspiracy of Ravens, 200)AD stories too!) and illustrated by Deeraj Verma, but also exists within a wider world of gaming that you can learn more about on their Kickstarter page.
Here’s a run-down of the story they’re working on:

Set on the world of Erridose, the first issue of Spell Warriors follows our heroes as they use their might, wit and magical abilities to join forces and defend the fortress of Ferrous Keep against an army of evil mutated Skab people. If the Spell Warriors are defeated then the Skab people will be free to enter the continent of Soodaria and wreak havoc and terror as they do the bidding of their dark overlord, Balki. Can the Spell Warriors learn to work as a cohesive team and use their unique skill sets together before it is to late?

While the overall story for Spell Warriors revolves around a “group of misfit heroes who decide to take on the task of destroying a terrible place known as the Black Pit, the source of great evil in the world of Erridose”, the wider conception is clearly fantasy world-building on a large scale, establishing a wide cast of characters and the rules of a magic-based reality. That all sets the stage for gaming elements and future projects for the Spell Warriors team.
As the project page says:

Our vision is to make the concept of Spell Warriors in to a franchise. Our first goal is to make it in to a graphic novel series. We have an entire story arc planned out, a story which takes place all across the world of Erridose, challenging our heroes every step of the the way.
The graphic novel is only the beginning. With your support, we hope to develop this concept in to many other things, app games, video games, action figures, animated series, movie series, clothing line, table top games, card games, etc.

Check out some art and sketches for the graphic novel in process:

You can check out the project’s trailer video below, and support Spell Warriors on Kickstarter until April 6th, 2019.

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