Operencia: The Stolen Sun Gets Release Date And New Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Zen Studios has announced that their first-person RPG Operencia: The Stolen Sun, will be releasing later this month, for Xbox One and the Epic Games Store on PC. Operencia first appeared back in December, where the good people over at Kinda Funny Games did a showcase featuring nearly seventy brand-new titles from a variety of smaller developers.
In Operencia, players explore a world that was once illuminated by the Sun King, Napkiraly. After he vanished, the world went dark, and it’s up to the player–a humble son of a farmer–and the people who gather around him, to find the Sun King and restore light to the world.
Operencia: The Stolen Sun will launch on March 29th. The game will also be apart of the Xbox Game Pass deal, meaning subscribers will have access to the game for free.

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