Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.9 Recap: Amy’s Sibling Rivalry With Golden Child, Lin-Manuel Miranda

by Gary Catig

Holt gives Peralta a special assignment and unfortunately, it’s Hitchcock related. Jake must play chaperone and make sure the detective doesn’t spill any condiments on his clothes before testifying for a big case. The Captain and Jake begin arguing with their voices becoming louder and louder after each exchange. In all the commotion, they end up startling Hitchcock and he spills two full jars of spaghetti sauce on himself.

[*Spoilers For 6.9 Ahead!]

Jake and Amy make dinner plans with Mrs. Santiago and Amy becomes more distraught over the impending meal when she learns her old brother, David, will be joining them. David is considered the golden child of the Santiago Family and is definitely the favorite. He spends the evening regaling them with stories of his feats and whenever Jake tries to bring attention to his wife’s accomplishments, David always manages to one up her. Peralta even goes to his backup plan by pretending he’s choking and to have his spouse save the day but David manages jump in and help before her. At the end of dinner, the police come to arrest David for possession of cocaine and Amy can’t hide her glee at her brother’s predicament.

The next day, Amy is still basking in her brother’s misfortune and sees it as an opportunity to move up in the Santiago Children Power Rankings. After she greets David after posting bail, he tells her he was framed. He was investigating dirty cops that work with the Brazilian Mob and got too close. Jake and Amy decide to help him and stake out a club run by the Brazilian Mob. All of Amy’s frustrations with her brother bubble up on the dance floor resulting in the most awkward boogie down show down.

Peralta uses the distraction to sneak into a guarded office and lets the two siblings in afterwards. Once inside, Amy finds a ledger containing all the officers on the take and celebrates beating her brother. However, she causes a commotion alerting the mob of their position and her husband is captured. As the criminals try to flee, Amy trusts David’s marksmanship skills and hands him her gun to shoot out the getaway car’s tires. Jake is saved and the bad guys are caught.

At the next family dinner, David gives his sister credit for clearing his name but their mom still considers him the golden boy. Frustrated, Amy leaves for the bathroom. Jake sticks up for his wife and tells Mrs. Santiago off. What started off as a lecture to appreciate her daughter more quickly degrades to an all-out vent fest with Jake detailing every little thing Amy’s mom does to annoy him

Meanwhile, Boyle is trying to flip a perp into revealing his drug supplier and needs someone to go undercover to extract the information. Holt and Terry audition for the undercover “role” with the Captain eventually winning. When he’s placed in the pen with the perp, he proves unconvincing so the Sergeant receives another shot. Any time Terry tries to interact with the criminal, Charles calls him out to give more direction. Jeffords becomes so irritated, he breaks cover. This is all part of Boyle’s plan because the true lead is Diaz. She swoops in to gain the intel when the perp drops his guard after the initial failed attempt.

Lin Manuel Miranda is well cast to play the overachieving David. He always has the last word to prove he’s better than everyone. The Santiago Family dynamic provides more insight on how Amy is the person she is. She needed to be driven and excel at everything just to be noticed amongst her competitive siblings and it’s these same qualities that make her a great cop. It’s also humorous to see bad dancing runs in their DNA. The subplot was fun to see a straight-laced Holt trying his best to be a criminal with all his talk of pushing to hurt people and his nefarious ways. In addition, we see a side of Boyle we normally don’t, the manipulating puppet master who maneuvered police and criminal alike to get his much needed information.

My Favorite Lines:

Terry: Why don’t you do it. You’re always going on about your acting abilities and that time you played Annie.

Boyle: I’m an adult man, Sarge. I didn’t play Annie, I was in Annie. I played Miss Hannigan.

Terry: Ooh, that sounds fun. I like flexing my creative muscles in addition to flexing my actual muscles.

Scully: Just tell us, bitch! (To Terry) Act as if you already have the role.

Jake: I never had a brother but I know four guys who did and they would have fights and squabbles, but in the end, they had each other’s shells.

Amy: Are you talking about the Ninja Turtles?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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