ECCC 2019: Legendary Comics Announces New Series, Lupina

by Gary Catig

Legendary Comics is known for series that supplement and expand on films from their parent company, Legendary Entertainment. Such series include Godzilla, Pacific Rim and King Kong. In addition, the publisher also produces original titles. Ahead of their panel at Emerald City Comic Con, they announced a new two volume series, Lupina.

Lupina follows the aftermath of the previously self-published series from James F. Wright (Contact High, Nutmeg) and Liana Buszka about mothers, daughters and wolves. The story revolves around four-year old Lupa, a timid girl bullied by her sister and prefers hiding from the world in her mother’s skirt. A tragic accident leaves Lupa alone until she is found by the she-wolf, Coras, and sets off on a personal journey of discovery and revenge.

Wright, the series writer, says:

After Liana and I worked on our own, in fits and starts over many months on the journey of orphaned Lupa and her wolf companion, we’re over the moon that Lupina officially has a home at Legendary Comics. We cannot completely express how happy we are to have their support and encouragement, enabling us to tell the story as we had always planned for it to be told. And, I’m personally excited that so many more people will get to experience Liana’s breathtaking artwork, which is truly something to behold.

Lupina is set for release in early 2020 with Legendary Comics launching two new volumes with three phases each. To learn more about the series or the latest on other Legendary titles, you can attend their panel at ECCC: “Legendary Comics 2019 and Beyond” on Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 1:30pm – 2:30pm in TCC L3-R5.

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