Brenda And Charlesco – By Night #9 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Jane and Heather finally gets answers from Jane’s mom, Brenda, about her time with Charlesco and its secret operations. Brenda tells them about Chet Charles’ affiliation with the American military, what they wanted Charles to do, and how Charles and his company got the military off their backs. Meanwhile, Barney, Chip, and his brother await a visit from clandestine corporate interests that want access to the Eidolon machine, and our heroes try to figure out a way to keep these people away from Charlesco grounds.

By Night #9 cover by Christine Larsen
By Night #9 cover by Christine Larsen

By Night #9 dives further into the background of this world and the history of Charlesco. It’s surprisingly politically charged, and there are even references to Reagan and H.W. Bush.
I say it’s surprisingly politically charged; it’s mostly critical of the military-industrial complex. That’s a good thing to be critical of mind you, but most average people seem to think the military and corporations being so deep in bed together is a bad thing. It’s also surprising because By Night is still so light-hearted and fun.
It’s worth saying this is a thoroughly entertaining issue too, and even that flashback has some fun moments. It’s also quite engaging too, and you’re left feeling for Chet Charles, Brenda, and even Gramercy.
By Night #9 art by Christine Larsen, Sarah Stern, and letterer Jim Campbell
By Night #9 art by Christine Larsen, Sarah Stern, and letterer Jim Campbell

Christine Larsens artwork remains unique, appealing, and overall excellent. The characters remain incredibly expressive, and the aesthetic balances a cute slice-of-life style with more serious and supernatural elements. Sarah Stern backs it up with a well-balanced palette of intense darks and vibrant lights.
By Night #9 is another strong issue about Jane, Heather, Barney, Chip, and their friends. Forces are moving in to regain the Eidolon, and our heroes have to protect both the machine and the world to which it leads. This book gets another recommendation. Feel free to check it out.
By Night #9 comes to us from writer John Allison, artist and cover artist Christine Larsen, color artist Sarah Stern, letterer Jimmy Campbell, and variant cover artist Sarah Stern.

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