The New Owner Of The Iceberg Lounge In Red Hood: Outlaw #32

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Red Hood now controls the Iceberg Lounge. The Penguin’s former seat of power in Gotham City has fallen under ownership of Jason Todd, and he intends to use it to deconstruct the criminal empires of the city. With the help of the Su Sisters, Wingman, and Bunker (formerly of the Teen Titans), Red Hood now owns a casino and is one of the greatest financial powers in Gotham. Of course, not everyone is happy about this, least of all the Batman himself.

Red Hood: Outlaw #32 cover by Cully Hammer
Red Hood: Outlaw #32 cover by Cully Hammer

Red Hood: Outlaw #32 sets up the new status quo for Jason Todd. He has the Iceberg Lounge and a crew of heavy hitters that can back him up. The Penguin has disappeared, though Jason knows far more about that than he lets on.
This comic is a hard shift from some of the sentimentality of the last few issues in the fallout of Heroes in Crisis and the death of Arsenal. Jason is back to being the bad boy son of Batman, and he’s making major plays in his hometown of Gotham City.
This issue mostly shows us how this is working by showing the characters involved. The Su Sisters cover entertainment, bouncing, and dealing, and Wingman and Bunker provide extra security.
The story doesn’t really move in a dedicated direction until the last few pages, when (surprise, suprise) Batman appears to lay down the law with Red Hood. It’s entertaining, but it ends up being one of the weaker points of the issue. Jason gets the upper hand on Bruce by being the smuggest prick, and you kind of want Batman to take a swing at him.
Red Hood: Outlaw #32 art by Stephen Segovia, Rex Lokus, and letterer ALW's Troy Peteri
Red Hood: Outlaw #32 art by Stephen Segovia, Rex Lokus, and letterer ALW’s Troy Peteri

Stephen Segovia is the artist on this issue, and he does a solid job of rendering the Iceberg Lounge and those within. The characters look good, the Lounge looks otherworldly, and Jason looks like a true high-roller. Batman looks as intimidating as ever when he shows up. Rex Lokus’ color work is quite good too, giving this comic a bright and popping treatment.
Red Hood: Outlaw #32 is an entertaining change of pace for the title, and you’re left wondering where exactly Jason is going with this new plan to fight the underworld of Gotham. I’m definitely intrigued myself, and this book gets a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.
Red Hood: Outlaw #32 comes to us from writer Scott Lobdell, artist Stephen Segovia, color artist Rex Lokus, letterer ALW’s Troy Peteri, cover artist Cully Hammer, and variant cover artist Shane Davis with Michelle Deleki and J. Nanjan.

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