C2E2 2019: A Conversation With Aw Yeah Comics’ Franco

by Tito W. James

Tito W. James: You’ve worked on several titles with Art Baltazar, including Aw Yeah Comics and Tiny Titans. How do you approach creating humor in comics?

Franco: I don’t know, it just comes out of my head that way. People usually tell me I’m funny or funny-looking. So that usually translates over to the comic page.

TWJ: What were some of your early influences?

F: I read all the superhero comics. But I think my humor really came from Looney Tunes. To this day, whenever people ask me who my favorite actor is, I always say Bugs Bunny. I always found his shorts to be really funny and he was a big part of my childhood.

TWJ: Do you incorporate Looney Tunes into your work in terms of the comedic timing?

F: Pretty much, yeah. If you watched Bugs Bunny when you were a kid you thought it was funny because he hit Elmer Fudd with a frying pan. Then you watch it as an adult and you’re like, “Did Bugs Bunny say what I just thought he said?” And he did!

So, there’s elements of that in our books so you can read it as a kid and it’s funny because the slapstick stuff is there. Then you read it as an adult and there’s some subtle humor in there only adults would get.

TWJ: What are some of your artistic influences?

F: I just like all different styles of art. Shapes, lines, and colors. I like a little bit of everything.

TWJ: Do you have any advice for creators who want to make all-age titles?

F: Go with your gut feeling and make what you want. “Make good art“, to quote Neil Gaiman.

I’d like to thank Franco for taking the time for this interview. You can find more of his work at AwYeahComics.com.

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