The World Falls Apart Again In Coda #10

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
The Murkrone has locked up Sir Hum in a cage, and the former bard is left to do nothing but write. He hates himself, his situation, and his actions. His beloved his lost to him, and the Murkrone seems to have won. Thundergog and his city are currently attacking Ridgetown to retrieve the immortal Ylf–the last major source of Akker in the world. Thundergog betrays Thundervale to hold up his bargain with the Murkrone. Meanwhile, Serka discovers Sir Hum’s cure may not have been what he believed it to be.

Coda #10 cover by Matias Bergara
Coda #10 cover by Matias Bergara

Coda #10 nears its ending with another apocalypse. However, this apocalypse exists only for Sir Hum and the citizens of Thundervale and Ridgetown. Their worlds have fallen apart, and their worldview is left in tatters.
The structures we’ve been presented with in this maxiseries are falling apart completely. All that is left is the Murkrone and her followers.
It’s a heavy issue, and the misery of it all is shared by Sir Hum, who has lost all will to escape and push forward.
We also learn just how evil the Murkrone truly is. Her sadism and penchant for betrayal extends far beyond just Sir Hum. She is willing to do anything to grab the last vestiges of power in the world.
Coda #10 art by Matias Bergara, Michael Doig, and letterer Jim Campbell
Coda #10 art by Matias Bergara, Michael Doig, and letterer Jim Campbell

Matias Bergara’s artwork remains very good, his depiction of the Murkrone and Thundergog particularly standing out in this issue. It looks excellent throughout, and I look forward to seeing his work on the final two issues of Coda. The color work, which comes with assists from Michael Doig, continues to be immensely atmospheric while generally looking good.
Coda #10 brings our hero to his lowest point while the last scraps of the world seem to disintegrate around him. It’s a solid read and easily worth a recommendation. Check it out.
Coda #10 comes to us from writer Simon Spurrier, artist and cover artist Matias Bergara, color assists from Michael Doig, letterer Jim Campbell, and variant cover artist Flaviano.

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