The Island Of Dr Moreau Comes Into View This July From Adams, Rodríguez And IDW

by Olly MacNamee

I follow – amongst others –  the amazing artist Gabriel Rodríguez over on Twitter, having ben absolutely bowled away by his recent fantasy sci-fi series Sword of Ages. For months now, he’s been teasing his next new secret project and I’m glad to say, I guessed right. IDW have just announced that he will be the artist on a new comic book adaption of the classic H. G. Wells novel, The Island of Dr Moreau. Written by Ted Adams, this new iteration of an old favourite is going to be published by IDW as a two-parter and includes a large change in the plot. Replacing Edward Prendick – the original witness protagonist – with a new creation, Ellen Prendick allows Adams and Rodríguez explore a new version of one of the world’s favorite stories through the eyes of a more active character, “with a different and refreshing point of view on the cursed island’s horrific events”.
They’ve teased the layout of the series. It’s going to be widescreen, very widescreen. Here’s Rodríguez to expand on this concept:

To provide a vivid, immersive experience for the reader, we set the narrative of Dr. Moreau entirely in double-page spreads, a format that builds a rich world for the characters and presents the mystery and terror in a thrilling and concise way,We also push the boundaries of the Beast Folk’s design to a point where familiar animal shapes, imbued with traces of human expression, feel genuinely disturbing. It’s been an exciting challenge to capture the fundamental wonder and horror of the novel.”

And, here’s a first look at a few of those double page spreads to give to a taste of the spectacular series coming this July from IDW. It does look rather wonderful.

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