Tenika Davis Joins Jupiter’s Legacy In Recurring Role

by Erik Amaya


Tenika Davis is joining Jupiter’s Legacy in a Small part.
Deadline reports she will play The Flare. Also known as Petra Small, she is the daughter of the original Flare. Though the two have a troubled past, she takes up his superhero identity after he is critically injured. But in doing so, she learns the life of a hero is anything but simple.
The part is described as a recurring role, but said to be “key” to the overall vision of the series, which stars Transformers veteran Josh Duhamel and Marvel Cinematic Universe stalwart Leslie Bibb. Based on the Mark Millar and Frank Quitely comic book series it is set in a world in which superheroes really did appear in the 1930s, but the story takes place nearly two generations later as the original heroes contemplate retirement and their children find leaving up to their parents’ legacies a more difficult burden then they ever imagined. Other cast members include Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade and Matt Lanter.
Former Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight will executive produce the series; the first to come from Netflix’s ambitious plan to adapt several of Millar’s comic books into television shows and feature films. Their plan is so ambitious that they bought his company, Millarworld, outright in 2017. The other television series, based on American Jesus, has not been cast while Reborn, one of the films on the Millarworld slate, is set to star Sandra Bullock.

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