Uncanny X-Men #15 Delivers A Roller Coaster Of Feelings

by Tony Thornley

The best X-Men stories are soap operas, but superhero fans want punching to go with that. It’s amazing how effective Uncanny X-Men #15 is at delivering both.

Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larocca, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna put the X-Men face to face with one of their own in this issue.

After a tense confrontation with Captain America, the team track down the Mutant Liberation Front at an anti-mutant rally. While the X-Men faces the MLF, Cyclops faces his adoptive granddaughter Hope, the leader of the new MLF. In order to diffuse the situation, Cyclops has to reconnect this this grieving girl, and even then… that might not be enough.

Rosenberg’s script is so sharp. He frames the story as an action piece, with the classic X-Men protecting those who hate and fear them, but fills it full of emotional beats. Scott Summers has to help a grieving family member process that and deal with a loss of his own, Jamie Madrox suffers another setback, and in a positive, four members of the team get a big win. It’s all extremely well written, and full of emotional weight that makes it feel like a story that really matters for the X-Men.

Larocca’s line art is still strong her, but unfortunately he slips backwards a bit. Some figures are stiff and wooden or slightly overrendered. However, he is able to make the important moments land, keeping the focus tight on the faces of the characters, and showing how they really feel.

The full promised team of X-Men (plus some) are now assembled, and I’m eager to see where the rest of this story goes from here. If Rosenberg keeps it up, this is going to continue to be one of the best modern runs on X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men #15 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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