5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 25: “The Third Seal”

by Sage Ashford

The war heats back up, as Gajeel faces off against Bloodman, a powerful monster with all the curse abilities of the dark guild Tartaros! And will Brandish be able to convince August not to attack Fairy Tail? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Brandish has really grown on me since her introduction. It was hard to know what to make of her when she first showed up, because the only thing that stood out about her was her…bohemian sense of fashion. Since then though, she’s managed to slot into the cast of Fairy Tail pretty effortlessly: her motivations and backstory were understandable and sympathetic, and she can switch between humor and seriousness pretty well.  Using her powers, she transforms Happy into Mega Happy to help them reach August faster. While they travel, she also turns into a living character creation screen–activating the Big Head code on Natsu and using the infamous boob slider on Lucy, all while enjoying the fluffiness of Cat King Happy.

Of course, her negotiations with August hit a brick wall within seconds, but that was to be expected. Someone that powerful was absolutely going to have to be beaten in a fight, lest this entire group come off like a bunch of scrubs.

2. This might have happened ages ago and I wasn’t paying attention, but somewhere along the way they transformed Sabertooth into Young Fairy Tail. They’re a group of mages who wreck everything because they’re absurdly powerful and care about each other more like family than just working buddies. The dynamic is different with Sabertooth though–whereas Fairy Tail has Makarov and a few other older guys to serve as Elder Statesmen, the entire Sabertooth guild is a bunch of young twentysomethings. I was clowning them last week because they got handled like a bunch of WWE jobbers who lack an entrance theme and were wearing distinctively non-distinctive trunks, but they really can’t help that. Fairy Tail’s one hundred years in the game and packed with guys so powerful they cleaned up every major dark guild in Ishgar single-handedly. Sabertooth could get there one day, but it’s a miracle they’re as relevant as they are.

Sabertooth was only relevant because Fairy Tail vanished for seven years, and the second they came back the team immediately re-established the top dogs. More than that, their first guild master was kept bragging about how Sabertooth only cared about strength and power, then pissed Sting off and got vaporized. Their leader is a kid who took over the guild by force thanks to its stupid rules then realized maybe the guild they’d been rivals with and spent so much time mocking had the right idea. He’s figuring it out as he goes…but his family in Sabertooth believe in him nonetheless, even when he’s crying like a baby because he was unable to protect them from a guy who was made of anti-magic. (More on that later.) This episode sees them come back into action after inspiring Sting not to give up on himself, and honestly all it made me want was a spin off manga based on this group trying to figure out their identity and keeping each other alive through increasingly dangerous situations.

3. Lately I’ve been watching older episodes of Fairy Tail along with a friend going through this series for the first time, and I’m astonished (and in love) with how many call backs this arc has. Even though Mashima’s probably making it up as he goes along, he’s done a great job of bringing up things from the early parts of the series and paying it off. Whether that’s mentioning how Laxus once tried to take the guild over and is now risking his life just to keep everyone safe, or showing how the villains in Oracion Seis have all joined up with Crime Sorciere and are working as the calvary to fight the Alvarez Empire. He’s not needlessly introducing new characters in the eleventh hour like a Tite Kubo would, he’s taking those he already has and making them relevant, and as a result this feels like more of a proper finale. Plus it doesn’t seem overly saccharine or fake due to it being an actual war between two countries–it only makes sense for them to try and defend their lands.

4. There is so, so much going on this episode, but things are gradually starting to seem balanced rather than rushed and happening all at once. Focusing on the city Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus went to defend, we start to see Irene Belserion put together some manner of a plan, as she realizes just how many forces are converging on her group all at once. Fortunately she’s brought a number of absurdly powerful assistants, but considering they’re hinting at the Big Boss showing up…well. We’re about to see how powerful the Scarlet Despair is. Serena had the power of eight different dragons implanted within him and went down before he could blink. Will Irene prove to be as useless?

5. Next Episode: The main event of this episode is Gajeel vs. Bloodman. Responsible for laying out all of Sabertooth and hanging them up, Bloodman is (again with the callbacks) the ultimate Etherious, possessing all of the curses of the Tartaros guild. Boasting that kind of power, it’s easy to see how he was able to run through two different guilds, especially when he’s constructed of the anti-magic Bane Particles. Fortunately for Gajeel, both his lungs and skin are made of metal so he can ignore Bloodman’s best moves…but unfortunately he’s got a lot of bystanders who aren’t Iron Dragon Slayers, including Levy.

I’m completely uncomfortable with how Levy/Gajeel seems to be a thing, considering how they first met (also referenced this week, because Mashima forgets very little), but we’re clearly stuck with that ship unless someone comes to their senses. Still, next week finishes the fight between the two of them, and I’m really hoping Mashima remembers Gajeel has a Dark Dragon Force power-up he should be using.

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