Banjax Turns The Super Hero Genre On Its Ear This June

by James Ferguson

I’m continually amazed at how the super hero genre continues to evolve. You might have thought you’ve seen it all when it came to masks and capes, but you’d be wrong. Banjax is the next book setting out to change how we look at the genre. Coming this June from Action Lab: Danger Zone, the series follows disgraced former super hero Laird Mason as he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer as a result of his powers. Banjax is written by Rylend Grant, illustrated by Fabio Alves, colored by Edson Ferreira, and lettered by HdE.

Laird’s story is not a sad one. With months to live, he decides to purge the entire city of scumbags before he dies. Think the Punisher with super powers. The only one that might be able to stop this carnage and bloodshed is Mason’s former sidekick and the current super hero ideal, Abel Raines. Banjax’s narrative is split between Laird and Abel. The odd numbered issues are told from the former’s point of view, while the even numbers are from the latter’s.

Writer Rylend Grant says:

It’s very much like Rashamon or Showtime’s The Affair, in that we’re never quite seeing exactly what happened. We’re always experiencing an unreliable narrator’s very prejudiced version of what went down. The reader is presented with each wildly flawed man’s overly slanted take on things and is ultimately left to decide for his/herself what actually occurred.

Banjax #1 will feature covers by Alves & Ferreira. There’s a standard one and a mugshot variant.

Grant adds:

I’m constantly playing with time in Banjax, telling the story out of order. This series is full of experimental elements. There is an entire issue told from the point of view of a man literally going mad because he hasn’t slept in seven days. He’s seeing things. We don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. The psychological state of our protagonists heavily influences every element of this book. Artist Fábio Alves and colorist Edson Ferreira are doing some remarkably inventive work here. I can promise you that Banjax isn’t your garden-variety book. We’re going out our way to present something very different here, something challenging.

Banjax #1 is set for release on June 5th, 2019. It is currently available for pre-order.

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