Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.11 Recap: Jake Changes His Tune On Mental Health

by Gary Catig

Jake is hit with moment of inspiration as he sees Boyle moving in his office chair and the empty bottles from the water cooler being picked up. He comes up with the alliterative name of Boyle bullpen bottle bowling. His best friend straps on a helmet for protection and then is rolled down their office to a stack of empty bottles. They never had a chance as a strike is bowled and the precinct celebrate. It’s so festive that even a Russian civilian joins in.

[*Spoilers For 6.11 Ahead!]

Charles investigates a missing person and asks Jake for help. The victim, Susan Buckley, had been seeking couple’s counseling with her husband and the psychiatrist, William Tate, fears the husband may be involved. The case brings up differing views on therapy between the best friends. Boyle finds it very liberating to be able to speak openly and honestly with a professional while Peralta is dubious of any benefits. After all, he’s experienced so much trauma in his life and he’s doing fine without any help.

Following the husband lead, the detectives search the couple’s apartment with Tate in tow. They come up empty but Jake becomes suspicious when the psychiatrist knows where the bathroom is in the apartment as if he’s been there before. This leads to another argument between the cops because Boyle is still convinced the husband is the culprit while Jake thinks that Tate is involved.

Jake pursues his hunch and breaks into the psychiatrist’s office where he finds a hidden file on the married couple. When he returns to his car, Tate is waiting there for him armed with a gun. He confesses to killing the wife and husband to keep hidden the fact he was having an affair with Susan. In Jake’s presumed final moments before he kills him, Tate gets Peralta to open up about his past and finds that he blames himself for his parents’ divorce. The informal session buys enough time for Charles to save the day and arrest Tate. Afterwards, Jake finds talking about his issues very beneficial and decides to look into therapy.

Meanwhile at the precinct, Holt is curious about Diaz’s new girlfriend, Jocelyn, and wants to invite them over for dinner and Kevin’s famous rice. However, Rosa is hesitant because she feels her captain can be judgmental. At one point she even hires an actress to be Jocelyn to appease Holt, but when he finds out, he’s hurt. He thought that they were close enough friends that she’d want them to meet. Later while in the break room, a female officer approaches Holt and asks to swap for a crisp bill for the vending machine. They have a pleasant exchange and it just so happens the officer is Jocelyn. After they meet, Diaz comes in to admit she was afraid Holt wouldn’t like her and takes up the dinner offer with the rice.

Also, Amy receives a package addressed only to the Sergeant. When she opens it and finds a book on how to pleasure your wife and protein shake mix, she automatically assumes it’s for Terry. Not willing to admit it’s his package, Jeffords cajoles Scully to claim the contents for him.

The stigma behind mental health is beginning to lessen and it’s good to see someone like Jake change his views. For someone who’s been in so many life-threatening situations, it would be good for him to pursue the therapeutic effects of speaking with a psychiatrist. For the subplots, we receive some touching moments with some of the characters. Despite their stoic demeanors, both Rosa and Holt do care for everyone in the Nine-Nine and it was good to see them directing their feelings toward each other. In addition, even though he never owned up to the package, Terry is in touch with his sensitive side. Everything is fine in the Jeffords’ household but he’s just taking the initiative to see what more he can do.

My Favorite Lines:

Hitchcock: I hear that. I don’t go to therapy either. Jake and I are like two penises in a pod.

Jake: Dammit Hitchcock. We talked about this. It never helps when you back me up.

Diaz: It’s just that you can be a bit judgmental.

Holt: What a stupid thing to say. Name one time when I’ve been judgmental.

Jake: I know this is the wrong takeaway from this case board but I really love the new yarn you’re using.

Charles: There’s sparkles in it.

Jake: I noticed.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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