First Look At These Savage Shores #4 From Ram V, Sumit Kumar, And Vault Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Here’s a preview of These Savage Shores #4 that’s a little different in that it’s presented as naked coloured pages. After all, artist Sumit Kumar is one of the selling points of this whole series, alongside Ram V’s beautifully written saga of a bygone age, and I daresay a talent to keep an eye out for. He’s no yet does with this series, but I could see Kumar on any number of bigger IP’s should he wish to go that way, Vault Comics have had a knack of sniffing out and developing talented creators and this book is a prime example of this in spades. A magnificent period piece laced with horrors both fantastical and real.

The shadow of war is cast over the land, where people and promises are broken alike. The smell of blood calls to beasts. Now is the time of monsters. Along these savage shores, where hope is folly, and fortune is the lie of a cruel whim

These Savage Shores #4 is available May 1st from Vault Comics.

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