Necro & Effie Burst Into The Street Fighter Universe In New One-Shot

by James Ferguson

UDON Entertainment promised five Street Fighter one-shots this year highlighting new characters. This June sees the release of the fourth with Street Fighter: Necro & Effie #1. These two are madly-in-love, mutated, and are a few crayons short of a full box. Their twisted romance is poised to set the Street Fighter universe on fire as they’re on the run from Urien, Kolin, Nash, and the whole Secret Society.

Street Fighter: Necro & Effie #1 is written by Ken Siu-Chong and illustrated by Hanzo Steinbach. It will feature two standard covers by Steinbach and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz and a retailer incentive cover by Brendon Tapper. A special cover from Ryan Kinnaird featuring Effie in her “Crazy Spike” costume will be sold exclusively through

Street Fighter: Necro & Effie #1 is set for release on June 26th, 2019. The final order cutoff date for comic shops is April 29th, 2019.

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