The Mutant Snowmen Attack In Spencer & Locke 2 #3 First Look

by James Ferguson

The first issue of Spencer & Locke 2 hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already setting a high bar for comics this year. The sequel series starring a hard-boiled detective and his imaginary friend / stuffed panther has the duo dealing with their toughest foe yet in the form of Roach Riley, a deranged soldier out to paint the town red.

Publisher Action Lab: Danger Zone has shared an early preview of Spencer & Locke 2 #3, due out in June. The book is written by David Pepose, illustrated by Jorge Santiago Jr, colored by Jasen Smith, and lettered by Colin Bell. It features covers by Santiago Jr, Maan House, and Joe Mulvey.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Spencer & Locke is an homage to Calvin & Hobbes. What sets this series apart is how it plays with the tropes of that classic comic strip, taking them seriously and turning it into a thrilling drama. This upcoming issue has an unexpected hero joining the fray and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.
Spencer & Locke 2 #3 is set for release in June 2019.

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