X-23 #11 Is The Beginning Of The End

by Tony Thornley

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and it appears that’s exactly where X-23 #11 is heading. Where will it leave our heroes though?

Cover by Ashley Witter

Mariko Tamaki, Diego Olortegui, Walden Wong, Chris O’Halloran, and Cory Petit show us the beginning of the end for the Kinney sisters in this issue.

Laura and Gabby continue their crusade to prevent the creation more clones. Unfortunately, a rift is forming between the two though, as Laura wants to eradicate the program, while Gabby isn’t so sure. Will this be the thing to drive the sisters apart for good?

Tamaki’s character focus continues to make this story an entertaining read. She balances action with character drama, and she makes the rift feel realistic. However, the conflict between the two feels very sudden, especially given where the two were at the end of the last issue. The conflict was growing, but this issue feels like a big step backwards.

Olortegui and Wong continue to give us some of the most exciting action storytelling I’ve seen in comics. They build up a lot of tension, then the pages explode in inventive layouts full of violence. More importantly, they are also able to show the characters’ genuine emotion as they grow apart.

Even with the drawbacks to this issue, it’s still a fun adventure. Even if it feels too soon, I’m looking forward to seeing where this chapter of the Kinneys’ life ends.

X-23 #11 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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