Love, Death, And Robots: ‘Helping Hand’ Analysis

by Tito W. James

Based on the short story by Claudine Griggs, Helping Hand follows Alex, an astronaut who gets stranded in space after trying to make a routine satellite repair. Helping Hand is another episode that takes a photorealistic approach. You can see details down to the peach fuzz on the heroine’s face.

[*Spoilers ahead***]

There were many gory scenes in Love, Death and Robots but none made me squirm in my seat has much as Alex twisting off her own arm. The situation is sickeningly real, as there have been several instances where explorers have had to mutilate themselves to escape a hostile environment in time to be rescued. To this end, Helping Hand plays like a combination between Gravity and 127 Hours.

Love, Death, and Robots is currently streaming on Netflix.

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