Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #1 Is Much More Than A Theme Park Tie-In

by Tony Thornley

To be frank, this miniseries was inevitable. With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening in Disneyland Park early this summer, and at Walt Disney World in early fall, tie-ins were bound to happen. The question was whether it would be worthwhile or would just be a cheap cash-in.

Cover by Rod Reis

Ethan Sacks, Will Sliney, Dono Sanchez-Almara, and Travis Lanham give us our first official expedition into Batuu’s Black Spire Outpost, and specifically the story of one of the most prominent characters on the planet, Dok-Ondar.

A trio of scoundrels have arrived on Batuu to bargain with Dok-Ondar with a specific artifact that the antiquities dealer may have come across in his travels. He tells them the story of acquiring one particularly interesting item, one that involves none other than Han Solo and Chewbacca. However, the trio’s goal might be much more dangerous and frightening than he’s ever encountered before.

Sacks opening statement for the series is smart one. By telling an anthology-style series of stories, he ties Black Spire Outpost strongly the entire Star Wars mythos, but using Han Solo then gives him the foundation to move away from the more prominent characters of the franchise for later issues. He tells a classic style Solo story as well, with a lot of humor and action.

Sliney comes straight to this series from the adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and he uses a rougher style here which fits the more rough setting. He captures the spirit of that spin off, but leans more into Harrison Ford’s take on the character, embodying the self-assured mannerisms and expressions of the legendary hero. He lays out his pages in a way that feels cinematic as well, and takes advantage of his medium to pull off things that couldn’t really be done on film, such as a splash page full of aliens and creatures.

This comic is much more than just a tie-in to give fans something to draw them into Black Spire Outpost. It’s a fun addition to the overall Star Wars saga, one that readers will likely enjoy for some time.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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