New Basketball Anime ‘Ahiru no Sora’ Arrives This Fall

by Sage Ashford

Takeshi Hinata’s sports manga “Ahiru no Sora” is receiving an anime adaptation, courtesy of studio diomedea (previously known as Studio Barcelona). Ahiru no Sora is the story of Sora Kurumatani, a young boy who loves basketball but is very short. Still, he’s been playing basketball since he was a child, and promised his mother he would one day win his first high school tournament. Unfortunately, when he enters Kuzuryu High School, he discovers basketball is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind, as most of his class is full of delinquents.  But can Sora’s incredible passion for the game turn things around?

Ahiru no Sora will be directed by Shingo Tamaki (Aho Girl) and written by Gou Zappa (Beatless, Blend S), with character designs by Yoshino Honda (Fuuka).  Studio diomedea has developed a number of series since it’s inception in 2005, but most recently has been known for Aho-Girl and Beatless. They aren’t particularly used to publishing longer series, so considering this series’ manga has been running for 49 volumes and counting (one of Weekly Shonen Magazine’s oldest series), this will be quite the challenge for them, even if they do intend to break it up into multiple short seasons. Ahiru no Sora is scheduled to air during the fall season in October.

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