Jason Todd’s Paris Trip In Red Hood: Outlaw #34

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
The Red Hood reflects on his time with the All-Caste as he waits for Isabel to arrive for their date in Paris. It’s short and nice, but Jason still desperately misses Arsenal. Afterwards, the Red Hood pays a visit to the Penguin’s European crime associates. He has an offer for to convince them to end their business with the Iceberg Lounge. Back at the Lounge, Bunker and the Sisters Su work to clean up the mess left by Jason’s battle with the All-Caste assassin.

Red Hood: Outlaw #34 cover by Cully Hammer
Red Hood: Outlaw #34 cover by Cully Hammer

Red Hood: Outlaw #34 continues Jason Todd’s crusade to establish himself as one of the biggest powers in Gotham City–even if that mission takes him away from Gotham.
The Penguin never works alone, and even he had people to answer to. Now those people’s pockets are about to get lighter, and the Red Hood is going to deal with them preemptively as he is wont to do.
Red Hood: Outlaw #34 shows some of the tonal and dialogue problems which this series has had in the past. Red Hood at one point jests about being able to spend a night in Paris which feels a bit inorganic, and Bunker at one point talks to himself and, in doing so, pretty much explains his entire ethos at the moment. That didn’t feel organic either.
That said, I’ve more-or-less come to expect such shortcomings in Red Hood, and they far from sink the issue. It’s still a lot of fun and a little trashy, and Jason Todd is still a compelling lead.
Red Hood: Outlaw #34 art by Pete Woods and Rex Lokus, with letters from ALW's Troy Peteri
Red Hood: Outlaw #34 art by Pete Woods and Rex Lokus, with letters from ALW’s Troy Peteri

Pete Woods continues to be a perfect artistic fit for the title too. His work is sleek, stylish, and lends itself well to action scenes. It walks the line between cartoonish and more realistic comic stylings, and it just looks great to boot. Rex Lokus’s color work is well-balanced and pops off the page well too.
Red Hood: Outlaw #34 is another fun installment in the adventures of Jason Todd. He continues to secure his control over the Iceberg Lounge while coping with the losses he’s experienced of late. It’s a solid read and one easily worth a recommendation. Feel free to pick this one up.
Red Hood: Outlaw #34 comes to us from writer Scott Lobdell, artist Pete Woods, color artist Rex Lokus, letterer ALW’s Troy Peteri, cover artist Cully Hammer, and variant cover artist Yasmine Putri.

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