Section Zero #2 Creates An Exciting New World

by Tony Thornley

Creator owned superhero comics often hinge on one of two things – a successful origin story or establishing a deep history without overwhelming the reader. Does Section Zero pull off either…or both?

Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett, Ben Dimagmaliw, Grace Allison, Jeremy Colwell, and Richard Starkings pick up with the shocking cliffhanger of last issue.

The team discovers the mummified remains of one of their own – a member of Section Zero that had been missing for years. That discovery leads them to realize their target is something else entirely. Could this destroy the team?

Kesel successfully balances several superhero tropes here that makes this an enjoyable read. Thom is used at the entry level character, while we also learn more about the history of Section Zero. It’s a solid action story as well, with great character moments and world building.

Grummett and Kesel’s line work is engaging and fun. They are able to build a lot of tension as the team hunts the monster they’re after, but also nimbly change tone and pacing as the story flashes back to Sam and Tina’s honeymoon. The color art team is also able to adapt to the changing situations, and keeps a consistent feel throughout.

This is more than just a fun superhero adventure, with hints of a large universe and world behind the series. It’s a lot of fun and worth picking up.

Section Zero #2 is available now from Image Comics.

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