Firefly #6 Digs Into Zoe’s Complicated Relationships

by James Ferguson

Mal and Boss Moon are shipwrecked on Seven Beta Niner, forcing them to work together if they hope to survive. You can forget for a moment that Moon was bringing Mal to stand trial as a war criminal where he’d probably be hanged. Meanwhile, the crew of the Serenity prepare their rescue plan, but it hits a snag when Zoe finds a new opportunity with some old Browncoats.

We get some great character development with Zoe in Firefly #6. Writer Greg Pak explores the complicated relationship between her and Mal and how it affects her marriage to Wash. Although she’s in love with Wash and completely devoted to him, she shares a bond with Mal that her husband can never touch.

Zoe is overcome by her sense of duty, taking on a stoic quality. Artist Dan McDaid brings back her armed services background in some great shots. These create a nice juxtaposition against Zoe’s flashbacks to the violent Unification War. You can still see that look of honor but it’s shaded by the horrors she’s endured. You immediately get the sense of the how hard it’s been for not just Zoe, but everyone during the war.

These flashbacks are again shaded in a fiery red. Colorist Marcelo Costa perfectly captures the chaotic nature of war. The light is so blinding that it’s like they’re fighting on the face of the sun. These pages stand out against the otherwise cool and quiet colors of the evening and space as a whole.

While Zoe’s character moments are solid, the interactions between Mal and Moon are just as compelling. Here you have two people that were on the opposite side of the Unification War forced to work together. It’s a way to humanize each side, but particularly Moon, who has always been seen as a harsh villain. They both lost people they cared about in the war and this situation has made them realize that about each other.

This really comes to a head in a pointed conversation Mal has with Moon’s mother of all people. Letterer Jim Campbell guides us through this dialogue against the backdrop of Moon fighting for her life in the background. There’s just the right amount of snark in here from Mal, but it’s sobered by the words from Moon’s mother, giving some valuable perspective.

Firefly is taking us deeper into the ‘Verse and I’m loving every minute of it. We’re getting such a valuable look into the inner workings of not just the main characters, but some supporting ones as well. It’s expanding upon the mythos shown all too briefly in the TV show in a big way. Any fan of Firefly, be they new or old, will have a lot to love with this book.

Firefly #6 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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