Lumberjanes #62 Returns To The Land Of Lost Things

by James Ferguson

You’d think falling through a portal into another land full of dinosaurs would be pretty cool and exciting, but Mal wants nothing to do with it.  She’s alone and freaked out. Fortunately, her fellow Roanokes are not going to leave her behind.  They quickly hatch a plan to save their friend by any means necessary.

Despite the various obstacles and literal monsters the Lumberjanes come up against, they never give up hope. They’re always positive and ready to face any challenge head on. This is a pretty inspiring way to look at life.  We could all learn something from these kids. Lumberjanes #62 is a perfect example of this.
The Roanokes move very quickly to save Mal. They don’t dilly dally or brainstorm ideas. They all immediately leap into action, even if that means stealing something from the Bear Woman. Artist AnneMarie Rogers puts together a great montage as they search high and low for a portal that will bring them to their friend. The images flow together on the page in a seamless fashion, making mundane tasks like climbing a tree or walking through the camp feel like an epic journey.

With everything they’ve faced, it’s easy to forget that these are kids we’re dealing with. The antics that play out during this search are a nice reminder of that. Writers Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh fill Lumberjanes #62 with several laugh-out-loud moments that provide some solid comic relief. The Roanokes are stressed about their friend so as the tension rises, it’s great to have these gags to allow us to breathe a little.
The Roanokes eventually find their way through a portal into the Land of Lost Things. The tone immediately changes as they pass through. Colorist Maarta Laiho shifts from the bright and shiny summer of the camp to a dreary, dystopian landscape. The only color that shines through comes from the girls’ clothing.  It’s like they’re the only beacons of hope in this space.

When the ‘Janes are finally reunited, it’s like a burst of energy. Letterer Aubrey Aiese fills the page with excitement as everyone rapidly talks over each other. This doesn’t come across as overwhelming. Instead, it’s quite the opposite as you instantly get wrapped up in the energy of this reunion.
Lumberjanes #62 flows incredibly well, moving from plot point to plot point like one gigantic story. The series never feels broken up into various story arcs.  It’s more like an ongoing, neverending tale, like a summer that just keeps going. That’s a feeling that comes from youth and it’s perfectly captured in Lumberjanes.
Lumberjanes #62 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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