Venom #14 Goes Berserk In The War Of Realms

by Tony Thornley

Eddie Brock’s life has taken a turn for the worst for the last year. If anyone deserves a win, it’s him, and Venom #14 shows him at his pinnacle. However, the win may come at a heavy cost…

Cover by Kyle Hotz & Dan Brown

Cullen Bunn, Iban Coello, Andres Mossa, and Clayton Cowles put Eddie in his most intense situation yet.

While Dylan camps out in the bunker, Eddie rips through Malekith’s forces with his new mystical symbiote. However, he comes face to face with his match- Jack O’Lantern. Can he fight through the evils of the Nine Realms, and save San Francisco and his son?

Bunn tells an exciting action story, but he also roots it in Eddie’s pain. The mystical weapon that he’s been given is fueled by negative emotions, so Bunn is able to dive deep into Eddie’s history to not just give the story pathos but also drive the plot along. Even though Dylan is only in two pages of the story Bunn also helps us come to care deeply for him and his situation.

Coello has a very good sense of pacing. He telegraphs the building action, using inset panels and unusual camera angles to set up big moments, such as Eddie growing to giant size. His layouts depicting his past traumas also set up emotional stakes for the character, all in the midst of fantasy carnage. Mossa’s colors brings the ice and flames surrounding Eddie to life, adding a horrific layer to Coelho’s art.

Venom may be down and out, but Eddie Brock might be better off without the symbiote and on his own.

Venom #14 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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