Art For Art’s Sake #2 – All The Gorgeous Comics

by Richard Bruton

Time to take another spin round the comics’ Internet, where I grab the most fabulous and superb images I’ve seen and put them in front of you. Just you. Only you. That’s how lovely we are here at

In Art For Art’s Sake, you’re going to find art from all over, you’ll see big names, old names, new names, but all of them share just one thing… this really is wonderful artwork.

So, on with another Art For Art’s Sake….

Nick Cardy – DC Special #10 – Jan.-Feb. 1970

John Allison – The Hulk & Deaths Head crossover you missed…

Michael Cho – Batwoman

Daredevil – Christian Ward (Via Alphacomics)

Joost Swarte – Corfou Fiesta, 1994 (Via The Bristol Board)

Andi Watson – from his Patreon

Simon Gane – ‘A new drawing of Juliet from ‘Paris’, a comic book written by Andi Watson and drawn by me a number of years ago. Behind her is Picasso’s 1946 painting La Joie de Vivre, which hangs in the Picasso Museum, Antibes’.

Warwick Johnson Cadwell (WJC) – Mothfrock

That Girl With The Tank – Jim Mahfood

Steve Yeowell – Zenith preliminary sketches

Alice in Wonderland commission by Roger Langridge (Via The Bristol Board)

V For Vendetta – David Lloyd – DC Comics Issue 1 cover, 1988

Ed Steed – from a New Yorker article by Neima Jahromi entitled, ‘The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering‘.

Joshua Middleton – Batgirl 38

Pascal Campion – Back at South Beach…

The genius that was Ronald Searle, creator of St. Trinians…

Billy Butcher rocking the Freddie Mercury…

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