E3 2019: Marvel & TMNT Get The Retro Gaming Arcade1Up Treatment

by Gary Catig

Last year at E3, we had the pleasure to try out the Arcade1Up retro cabinets from Tastemakers, LLC. At the time, they had four different varieties that spanned games from Missile Command to Street Fighter II. Since then, the company has been busy developing more products and expanding their library. Coming in August, they have two new cabinets for people to play.
Continuing in the Capcom fighting tradition they started with Street Fighter, there will be a Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes Home Arcade Game with three different titles. It will include Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men Children of the Atom. In the third game, players can change it up from fighting each other to fighting together in the classic beat ‘em up side scroller, The Punisher.
For the first time, there will be a four-person cabinet in Konami’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Home Arcade Game. It will contain both the original and its sequel, Turtles in Time. Imagine finally being able to beat both games without dumping tons of quarters into the machine.
Scott Bachrach, CEO, Tastemakers, LLC, says:

With over 30 years of experience in consumer products, I have never seen such an involved or passionate fan community. We have watched tens of thousands of fans across our social media platforms request some of these new titles and we are really excited to be turning their hopes for our brand into a reality.

For more information, check out the Arcade1Up website.

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