Black Hole Hell: Preview Silver Surfer Black #1 From Cates, Moore And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

This book certainly caught my eye when it was first announced simply from Tradd Moore’s fluid and fantastic artwork of the cover of Silver Surfer Black #1 from scribe Donny Cates. It’s out this week from Marvel and the interior preview pages look just as amazing as the cover art. But, with one Marvel’s hottest writer on this book, I imagine it’ll be out of this world story wise too. Great art, and a great read? What more do you need from a comic book?
Looks like this week I’ll be adding yet another title to my pull list. Damn you Cates, damn you Moore.

Spinning out of Guardians of the Galaxy #1, almost the entire galaxy’s defenders have been blown through a black hole, including the Silver Surfer! But the story doesn’t end there… In order to fight back the oblivion, Surfer will have to fight to save his own soul and not lose himself to the void. Follow the Sentinel of the Spaceways on a journey that will change him forever!

Silver Surfer Black #1 is out Wednesday, the 12th of June from Marvel.

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