Someone’s Not Feeling Themselves: First Look At Batman/Superman #1

by Olly MacNamee

[+++Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Batman Who Laughs #7 out next month+++]

Whatever the epitome of The Batman Who Laughs after next month’s concluding issue, the consequences of that showdown rumble on and into the pages of Batman/Superman #1 this August 14th from writer Joshua Williamson (Who’s killing it on The Flash) and artist David Marquez (Civil War II, Avengers). Well, that’s the premise given by DC Comics who practically spoil the ending of The Batman Who Laughs (thanks a lot, DC) by announcing the synopsis to this new series.
Ready? then I’ll continue.
Turns out that Batsy and The Big Blue Boy Scout have to hunt down 6 superheroes infected by The Batman Who Laughs. A news Secret Six, but transformed into the very worse versions of themselves. And here’s your preview of this debut issue:

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