SDCC 2019: Exclusives From LEGO, Hasbro & Mattel

by Gary Catig

San Diego Comic Con is next month and Monday was a big day announcing many of the coveted exclusives. Companies like LEGO, Hasbro and Mattel showed some of the collectibles available during the pop culture show.

One of the heavy hitters of SDCC exclusives, LEGO, announced a Captain Marvel set via Yahoo. The set contains 271 pieces and will cost $45. You can build the ship, The ASIS, and pose the minifigures, Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and the Flerken form of Goose. Last year, the con switched to a lottery system and that is the only way to win a chance to purchase the set. LEGO should be revealing their other exclusives including the minifigures so stay tuned here for those announcements.

Hasbro is another toy company with highly anticipated exclusives that fetch top dollar on the secondary market. We already know their Star Wars merch from Star Wars Celebration and recently they revealed on the Polygon website, they will be selling a Transformers/Ghostbusters mashup coming right after the comic series. Optimus Prime will receive a Ghostbusters makeover and he will retail for $149.99. The packaging is the best because you can wear the box like a proton pack.

Finally, Mattel had their SDCC exclusives up for pre-order on Monday morning and they showed some products they had not previously announced. Though many of these pre-orders are already sold out, you still have a chance to purchase them at the show. For Jurassic Park fans, there is a 3” John Hammond along with his cane and dinosaur eggs on a stand. He will retail for $15. Who wouldn’t want The Rt Hon. The Lord Attenborough as an action figure.

For those who like the Netflix series, She-Rah and the Princesses of Power, there is a two pack with the titular character and the villain, Shadow Weaver. The two dolls each have eleven points of articulation and the pair will cost $40.

There are also a couple of Hot Wheels cars available. First, Marvel showed the Marvel Spider Machine GP-7 from the Japanese Spider-Man series of 1978. It is 1/64 scale with a full die-cast construction. It will retail for $15.

Finally, via Nerdist, there is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon. This vehicle will retail for $20 and it’s cool that the back-side door opens up with an armed turtle.

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