Doctor Doom: Handy Man? Preview Fantastic Four #11

by Olly MacNamee

Fantastic Four #11 from Dan Slott and Paco Medina is out this week from Marvel, and Doctor Doom is back, and not afraid to get his hands dirty, down in and amongst his subjects as they start the big job of reclaiming and rebuilding Mount Doom. Surely an act that will only make Latverians love him all the more. Meanwhile, the rest of the FF have their hands full in various different ways too. Read on in our preview of this issue.

• Franklin and Valeria are growing up fast…but not fast enough to legally operate Fantasti-Cars in NYC!
• But wouldn’t you know it, the day of their big driving test is at the exact moment the entire Microverse might implode and take our reality with it!
• Get ready for a cosmic adventure with Marvel’s first family…and two members of New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles.
• Going to parallel worlds? Easy. Parallel parking? Kinda hard!

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