Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town And The Fallout Of Losing One’s Shoe

by Rachel Bellwoar

Getting in a stranger’s carriage is always ill-advised, but when those strangers look like living dolls it’s doubly discouraged. What’s driven Greg and Wirt to accept a ride from talking Hummels?

Miguel Mercado

In Wirt’s defense he probably hasn’t been to the movies lately (a screening of Chucky or Annabelle could’ve prevented all of this) but, as the preview pages below will show, they had their reasons for saying “yes.”
Collecting issues one through five of Over the Garden Wall: Hollow Town, Wirt and his little brother, Greg, are still trying to get home but the travel’s only gotten slower since someone lost their shoe. Set in the world of Cartoon Network’s popular animated series, writer, Celia Lowenthal, nails the characters’ voices while Jorge Monlongo adds a surreal quality to the art, with color assists by Kike J. Diaz. Backed by the most exhilarating layouts, if you think that double page spread is cool, as lettered by Mike Fiorentino, you’ll love what Monlongo has in store for readers with this volume.

Over the Garden Wall: Hollow Town goes on sale July 3rd from Boom Studios.

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