Spider-Man PS4 Gets Two New Far From Home-Inspired Costumes

by Sage Ashford

Although Marvel’s Spider-Man game may be finished with it’s The City Never Sleeps expansion, it appears Sony and Insomniac aren’t yet finished bringing costumes to the popular game. With the release of the second MCU Spider-Man film Far From Home, the title has received an update in the form of two new costumes directly from the film.
The first costume is shown above, and is the primary suit Spider-Man will be wearing during Far From Home, referred to on the PlayStation blog as the Upgraded suit. The second suit is a sleek, all-black Stealth Suit also worn during the film, and is shown below.

Both of these suits are attainable after the player builds the Advanced Suit, which occurs fairly early on in the game.  For players that are already beyond this point, they will already be able to access these suits whenever they like.
Marvel’s Spider-Man is available for PlayStation 4 now, and Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently in theaters.

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