SDCC 2019: Heavy Vinyl Is Back With Y2K-O Graphic Novel

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios keeps rolling out the announcements leading up to San Diego Comic-Con. This time we’ve got the continuation of Heavy Vinyl in an original graphic novel called Y2K-O. Written by Carly Usdin and illustrated by Nina Vakueva, the comic follows the adventures of the employees of Vinyl Destination and their secret fight club, now in the year 1999 as they prepare for a new millennium.

Writer Carly Usdin says:

Getting the chance to continue the Heavy Vinyl story is a dream come true! I’m thrilled to be reunited with my precious little ‘90s babies. The story picks up a few months later — it’s 1999, digital music and file sharing have upset the status quo, and Y2K approaches!! You can expect the same level of exhaustively-researched pop culture references with new characters, a new mystery, and more Chris/Maggie cuteness. I’ve been having a great time writing it, and I can’t wait for fans to read it.

Heavy Vinyl: Y2K-O picks up in the summer of 1999 as the staff of Vinyl Destination deals with growing up and getting out in the world. The fear of Y2K leads to an all-out panic. These music-loving vigilantes must balance their work lives with their dating lives, prevent the total collapse of modern society and be home in time for dinner.
Artist Nina Vakueva adds:

It’s time for Chris and the rest of the vigilante girl group from Heavy Vinyl to tackle Y2K! These teens are always up for a big adventure, so catch them hacking computers and fighting crime, all while playing their favorite music and having fun with their friends in the new Heavy Vinyl: Y2K-O!

Heavy Vinyl: Y2K-O features a cover by Vakueva. It will be published under Boom! Studios’ Boom! Box imprint.
Shannon Watters, Senior Editor, Boom! Studios says:

We’re absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with Carly and Nina to bring everyone a brand new graphic novel set in the kick-ass, action-packed world of Heavy Vinyl. There’ll be plenty of sweet, sweet lady romance, action, mystery, and late ‘90s fashion and goofy good times in this love letter to the historic manic panic of the Y2K craze.

Heavy Vinyl: Y2K-O is scheduled for release in March 2020.

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