Has Conan Bet On the Wrong Man? Preview The Savage Sword of Conan #7

by Olly MacNamee

The Savage Sword of Conan #7 is out this week and kicks off a new storyline from writer Jim Zub, artist Patch Zircher (with a hint of Barry Windsor-Smith about it), colourist Java Tartaglia and Travis Lanham on lettering. Never the most innocent of men in the first place, in this issue we see Conan plunged into the shadowy and seedy underworld of high stakes gambling.

Check out this preview of ‘Conan the Gambler’ Part One.

Hither Came Conan… The gambler?! A chance violent encounter in Shadizar lands young Conan a position as a bodyguard for a wealthy merchant. But a twist of fate will put Conan in the hot seat – and no choice but to play the hand he’s dealt in a deadly game of Serpent’s Bluff! Conan will rely on his sword – and his wits – while navigating the seedy underworld of “civilized” gambling while making sure he stays clear of the deadly “Debtors Lounge”! Magic, mystery and action abound when writer Jim Zub (Champions) joins forces with artist Patch Zircher (Hulk) for the first of a three-part epic – Conan The Gambler! PLUS: The next chapter in the all-new Conan novella “The Shadow of Vengeance”!

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