The Bat And The Ghost – Detective Comics #1007 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
James Corrigan has been kidnapped and separated from the Spectre. A group calling itself the Cult of the Divine Hand, whose initiates are dressed like the Spectre himself, have Corrigan and are looking to kill him in some kind of ritual. Meanwhile, Batman is in the Batcave, analyzing the crime scene in which Corrigan was kidnapped, and the Spectre joins him. The Spectre wants to work with Batman, but the Dark Knight forces the Spirit of Vengeance to swear off lethal punishment for the night. The Spectre begrudgingly agrees.

Detective Comics #1007 cover by Kyle Hotz
Detective Comics #1007 cover by Kyle Hotz

Detective Comics #1007 continues and concludes the collaboration between Batman and the Spectre. Both use fear as a weapon, but the Spectre is willing to take that to a fatal conclusion. Naturally, this leads to a tension between the Bat and the Spectre.
It’s a grim story for sure, but it’s not without its fun. The Batman is left being the “good cop” with the Spectre following his cape tails, and Batman eve comments on this oddity. Plus, there is a visceral enjoyment to be gained from watching a pair of night terrors punish the bloodiest and cruelest rogues in Gotham City.
Of course, it’s also just nice to see the Spectre back in the DC Universe. It’s been too long since the Spectre has been a central player DC, and, hopefully, the impending return of the Justice Society will find the Spectre regularly appearing once again.
Detective Comics #1007 art by Kyle Hotz, David Baron, and letterer Rob Leigh
Detective Comics #1007 art by Kyle Hotz, David Baron, and letterer Rob Leigh

Kyle Hotz’s artwork brings the gritty darkness this team-up deserves. A shadow-laden pall hangs over every page, and both Batman and the Spectre loom over every victim like the nocturnal predators they truly are. David Baron’s color palette keeps the contrasts strong, making sure the reader’s eye is trained on the page.
Detective Comics #1007 brings the brief cooperation of Batman and the Spectre to a brutal conclusion. Neither hero particularly likes the other, but they make for a compelling duo nonetheless. Plus, Hotz and Baron make sure each panel looks incredible. This one gets a recommendation for sure. Feel free to give it a read.
Detective Comics #1007 comes to us from writer Peter J. Tomasi, artist and cover artist Kyle Hotz, color artist David Baron, letterer Rob Leigh, and variant cover artist Dan Quintana.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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